About Us

Aurora is a non-profit organisation that supports people with severe or profound intellectual and physical disabilities, under Section 38 (wholly funded by the HSE).

Aurora follows a supported, self-directed living (SSDL) model of provision underpinned by our beliefs, values and vision.

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Where have we come from

Aurora was opened in 1966 by the Sisters of Charity in order to provide residential care for children with intellectual disabilities.

Located in a central campus on the Kells Road in Kilkenny, it initially supported 25 children, and over the years became home to 95 adults and young people with significant challenges.

The governance and running of the service was transferred to St Patricks Centre (now Aurora) in 2021.

Our Mission Statement

Enable people with complex needs to experience the same rights as every other citizen and as equal members of the community.

Time To Move On From Congregated Settings

In 2021, the governance and running of the service was transferred to Aurora and, from 2016, the organisation began the process of “decongregation”; adopting the national policy to move from a central campus to smaller homes tailored to meet the individual needs of residents.

Our Vision Statement

People supported will live a good life, in their own home, with supports and opportunities to become active, valued and inclusive members of their local communities.

The Future

At the end of 2020, Aurora completed that process and now consists of 34 community houses, each one housing between one and four people, and all focused on the key task of enabling residents to live their fullest and happiest lives.