Life at Aurora

At the core of Aurora is the determination that the people we support, all of whom have intellectual disabilities and many of whom are not able to express themselves verbally, are individuals with the right to live a full and happy life.

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Comfortable Surroundings

The transition to smaller community houses has meant we are able to ensure that people with similar outlooks and shared interests live alongside one another; their enthusiasm for making art, gardening and cookery means that our houses are beautiful and comfortable places to live, each one reflecting the personalities of those who live there.

Supporting Independence

We believe that it is fundamentally important for all the people we support to direct their own lives, and we work hard to make sure that they have control over all aspects of those lives, from their finances to what they eat and the clothes they wear.

Involving The Community

Also central to our way of life is making each house part of their local community, with residents hosting tea parties and attending neighbourhood events. Many of the people we support love to get out and about with staff members, friends and family.